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03/20/14 | 6:38AM
try to cancel a vzw line!

I called vzw to cancel two lines that are not in use, basically go from their family plan ($140 month, one phone unlimited data, two regular) to one line...seems easy...well after talking to a CSR for an hour and a half, it dawned on me that they are super desperate not to let you out. She told me that one of the phones was still under contract and that would cost me $60 to cancel that phone, plus I would have to cancel the family plan (unlimited data) I would have to get at least their $60 package 2 gigs package...that is $120 total...I said let's do that, she then gave me the run around to have someone else take over that line, "it would be cheaper" she said...its not lol...then she offered me a $35 discount on my current bill...I said nope, want the two lines gone and I would take the $60 plan then I could upgrade my phone. Paid my bill in full and then upgraded my phone. My next bill rolls in at $160.19 including that fucking discount I said no to, still charged for family plan plus the $60 package and a charge for each line...called again second girl said no record of me canceling, but, listened to my story and said she would cancel the lines and take care of it, she even told me it was only $15 to drop a line under contract...great!!! And she said my bill will reflect that....just got bill...I owe $318.76!!! $40 family plan, $15 for one line $10 for another then my data plan $61.87, plus last bill that wasn't fixed....they don't give a shit...how many times do you have to cancel shit, and rely on an email confirmation that you'll never get??

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 5242BA

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