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04/04/14 | 15:46PM
Extremely Pushy Salesperson

I called Verizon to get some price quotes about Verizon FiOS for home internet, and the salesperson I talked to was extremely pushy. He was probably the pushiest that I've ever had a salesperson be over the phone.

He kept talking on at length and he would never give me short or direct answers to my questions.

I told him repeatedly that I was only calling for information and was not going to sign up right now but he kept trying to get me to sign up.

When I told him that the reason I was not going to sign up was that I wanted to make the decision jointly with my girlfriend, he started asking me personal questions about my relationship.

It REALLY crossed a bound for me. I hung up on the man, and I was ABSOLUTELY INCENSED. If the man had been in front of me, I don't know if I would have been able to restrain myself from hitting him in the face, that's how angry I was at him.

I wrote a note to Verizon but I have yet to get any sort of resolution. I am not going to be satisfied with anything short of a commitment from them that they're examining and halting their sales practices.

I was thinking of ways we could take action against this company, and one thing I realized that we could do that would make them absolutely bleed money, would be to start placing fake calls to their sales teams, pretending like we want to sign up for new service. Keep the sales rep talking as long as possible, then bail at the last minute...but before you bail explain how and why you're calling, and that you're going to keep calling back or getting other people to do so, until Verizon makes a commitment to change some of their practices. Just an idea, I think that could be really powerful as a tool of action because it could cause the company to lose huge amounts of money, also it could demoralize their sales teams and make the company have a tough time doing sales to new customers.

Alex Zorach - Verizon H8er ID: 7A54D0

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04/06/14 | 20:52PM
Sounds like a well trained sales associate to me

VerizarapeISfuckingSTUPID - Verizon H8er ID: 8241C8

04/06/14 | 20:54PM
Alex...Zorach...last name? really? its a very unique last name too... and you don't want to give personal information to a sales rep but you will give it openly to the internet...you my friend are screwed

VerizarapeISfuckingSTUPID - Verizon H8er ID: 8241C8

04/06/14 | 20:58PM
Yeah I agree. Please be careful with listing information like that.A quick google led me to find:
Alexander C Zorach age 33 view details

Known also as: Alexander Zorach

Has lived in: La Jolla, CALancaster, PANew Haven, CTNewark, DE ...

Related to: Jonathan Zorach, 67Cecile Zorach, 66

Concerned - Verizon H8er ID: 8241C8

04/18/19 | 2:29AM

Tessady - Verizon H8er ID: FE9A24

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