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04/12/14 | 7:51AM

I am honestly at a loss for words describing the emotions I am feeling towards these inbred ingrates that run this "Organized Crime Conglomerate."
Last August (felt more like July due to the heat, but, "they," tell me August, so I'm going for August, because we wouldn't wantthe morons to be wwrong,) I had a Samsung Stellar crap out on me. Charger port quit working, after it had been acting up.
It's been hell on wheels ever since. I've had approximately 12-13 phones, switching between three or four different models, as well as several chargers, batteries, and sim chips.
All are having the same "performance," issues. They overheat OUT OF THE BOX, to the point of being on the phone for "Normal Usage," giving me physical discomforts (Nausea, Somach cramps, Headaches, and fatigue for extended periods of time.
Next, the speaker port usually blows out. After that, the screen overheats to the point of being slow and unresponsive (much like most of their,"Employees."
Then comes the touchscreen doing whatever the FUCK it wants too. Pulling up weird websites I've never seen, typing words and gibberish I'm not trying to during text and browsing, calling people I'm actively texting on it's fucking own.
That's usually about the point where I have to order the "refurbished" pieces of shit they keep sending out.
I have had photos outright deleted as I was taking them, text messages altered DURING conversations, and weird hacker signals sent to my voicemail. Static, nothing, and their stupid business theme.
Not to mention phone calls fucking drop as I swear about anything related to THEM. I have had three emails hacked since FEBRUARY, one while I was setting up a new device (My GMAIL no longer had the same password after I got off the phone with "CATHY."
I have repeatedly told them I need out without paying my etc, as this is too much hell. They don't care. One incident involved somebody explaining the,"Death or Terminal Illness," Clause.
I told her I had lost the last phone during a funeral of someone close that weekend, which I had to fucking leave the planning of due to not having a phone. Her response? "Oh no, you or whoever the contract holder is either has to die or become terminally Ill. But you have a nice rest of your night, now, mmmmk?"
Now they are running fucking apps I've never fucking used in background processors attempting to fault us for overages. We are also getting slammed with hidden fees, to the tune of an extra 80 dollars a month per each line, claiming,"Upgrades or software services added." Bull. Shit.
The third phone before this one (in two weeks,) got so hot it burned the charger cable at the port connection tip. WHILE I WAS FUCKING ON IT.
And to make it worse, my father's BRAND NEW phone has been acting up for the last couple of months. I have proof of a serious breach of warranty and contract, and will be writing up a Notarized Letter Of Termination after I find an attorney that will be able to make a phone call explaining this to them. The dumbasses will STILL fight tooth and nail.
Even with everything fucking explained in crayons, flash cards, and graham crackers. If you value your sanity, get the fuvk away from these dumbass morons.

Royally $#@%&! - Verizon H8er ID: DC2532

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04/12/14 | 11:23AM
Wow? Bi-polar? Or you have the worst luck in history! Im leaning towards bi-polar skitzo

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 69E802

04/12/14 | 19:05PM
Um, no bi polar, it's called dealing with THESE morons. Which apparently you SHOULD be able to relate to, being on this site.

Royally $#@%&! - Verizon H8er ID: 510C72

04/16/14 | 17:34PM
Sounds like a lot of user error. You sound quite full o shit. You realize they don't manufactur the phones right.....what is wrong with ppl.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 551AB2

04/18/14 | 14:16PM
Yeah, I'm the one at fault. OK. User error, when you admit they're not manufacturing phones right. The fact of it is, they're sending buggy phones in hopes that you "upgrade," and pay more money while extending fraudulent contracts. Don't believe me? Google,"Verizon Wireless Buggy Phones." And I'm not the only one having issues in my family. They're full of it.

Royally $#@%&! - Verizon H8er ID: C466B5

04/19/14 | 3:10AM
I know they're not manufacturing the phones. But it's still a Verizon issue. I read that wrong, too which I will admit.

Royally $#@%&! - Verizon H8er ID: C466B5

04/19/14 | 18:55PM
This is somthing verizon has done for years take your new phone and send lemon after fucking lemon. Its just one of thrre buy more tactics. Pluse they can charge tons of false fees this way. I worked for them i know first hand. Its thete fault they do it on perpose and they know what there doing , fucking the costomer

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 8BA739

04/19/14 | 21:53PM
Thank you. One out of three's not bad. :-)

Royally $#@%&! - Verizon H8er ID: 427517

04/30/14 | 3:01AM
Some people were just not meant to in a smart phone....

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: CCFF3A

05/01/14 | 18:11PM
No, some people were just not meant to own, that's own, not in there buddy, a business. Verizon would be included in that group.

Royally $#@%&! - Verizon H8er ID: B2259E

05/09/14 | 0:40AM
12-13 phones...come on you are full of shit. I used to work for them I don't believe you can go through 12-13 phones and have the same problem with everyone.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 7F7D00

06/01/14 | 14:03PM
Yeah, OK. Whatever. You used to work for them. Doing what? Trolling online? I can't help what they're doing to these phones. Apparently I'm not the ONLY one having issues repeatissues with them. Um. Hello? This is an anti VERIZON site, not an anti Verizon CUSTOMER site. Just because it's not a problem YOU never had to deal with when YOU worked with them, doesn't mean it's not happening every day. Google: Verizon wireless, buggy phones. And another former Verizon rep a few posts above you on my thread confirms, it's a dirty sales tactic. Selling buggy phones to get customers to upgrade.
Do some research before you talk about somebody else's issue right off the bat. May help you in the future, unless you're perfectly fine continuing your life of trolling. In which case, trollon, brother man. Troll on.

Royally $#@%&! - Verizon H8er ID: C0DA84

08/06/14 | 16:56PM
Unfortunately Verizon isn't the only company that does this. I went through a similar situation with Sprint in which it took four tries for them to get it right, and this fourth phone is still a hunk of junk. To me all of these companies are in it together. We just get screwed by one company and move on to the next until they screw us and then go to another one. Good luck

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 77C01D

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