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04/17/14 | 9:44AM

Problems started in 1998 when I moved into my newly built home. I had 2 phone lines installed for internet once it got to this area. Due to location, had NO CHOICE but to use verizon... My problems started before I internet. I simply had interference with my phone lines. Couldn't tell you how many repeated calls & months it took to finally get it fixed..
For 16 years & counting I have HAD to deal with their poor customer service (not necessarily by field personnel) which has gone from poor to disgusting!!! Once internet finally arrived; I knew & accepted that it wouldn't be top notch because of my location but never imagined it was going to be like pulling out someone's IMPACTED WISDOM TEETH with a TOOTHPICK & TWEEZERS when the service I was paying for was constantly failing & still does today!
I have gotten to the point that I cannot bare to call & as usual; I need to!!!
If I timed each internet outage I've had to deal with over the past year; I would imagine I only had 6 months of time when it was working! It finally came down to phone line interference once again but, since I DON'T USE MY LANDLINE verizon FORCES me to PAY FOR; I had no idea the problem was once again interference on the phone line. I was told a different reason every time I called & every time someone came out (not enough fingers & toes to count)! My internet speed is still not where it was before!!This latest round of verizon NIGHTMAREs has cost me hundreds of dollars on top of my normal VICIOUS V Bills because I had to keep paying for a mobile hot spot & still do off & on because VICIOUS V just don't care about providing what they are taking $$ for!
They clearly need to replace Corporate with employees from all "working" aspects of the company who understand how very broken the "Customer experience is from cradle to grave". Customers should NOT need to make follow up phone calls because their departments don't (probably can't) communicate!!
Then again, I do believe the INTERNET SUPPORT dept is in another country where they try hard to speak & understand english but can't!!! CALL CENTERS LIKE THAT FOR ALL AMERICAN COMPANIES SHOULD BE ABOLISHED!!! Vicious V's Corp Officers should try resolving an issue the same way a customer must (then things would change)!!
ELECTRIC COMPANIES IN PA would NEVER be allowed to provide such hideous service to customers.
I know because I used to work for one.
All departments that had an affect on a customer when they called worked together to streamline the "Customers Experience" from "cradle to grave" as much as possible... This included Union, Non Union and Management employees from across a lot of service territory (field offices) WORKING TOGETHER!

Candace D. - Verizon H8er ID: DED99E

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02/25/19 | 11:58AM
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valeriaic1 - Verizon H8er ID: 3E80FA

04/29/19 | 15:33PM

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RonaldSeerattigue - Verizon H8er ID: 94FA25

05/07/19 | 17:56PM
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melissadb18 - Verizon H8er ID: E82857

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