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04/18/14 | 23:28PM

I live in an apartment complex in Hemet, California where only Verizon is available when it comes to Internet. When I first got Verizon it took two weeks for them to install it because they set it up for the wrong apartment. to make it worse they advertised three megs per second and only gave us one and a half. On top of that the signal tends to die a lot and even when it doesn't die it does get week sometimes when I'm trying to watch videos online. And most times when I've tried to contact Verizon's customer service just to deal with each of these issues they dragged their feet on almost every one of them. Every attempt me and my roommate made to switch out of Verizon resulted in us having to go through Verizon just to make the switch so we ended up sticking with Verizon. This has been the situation for two years. Now that I'm moving out of my apartment.I certainly will not be setting up Verizon in my new mobile home, I've had enough of them.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 5160C9

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04/13/19 | 23:01PM
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Karinadom - Verizon H8er ID: D1E563

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