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04/25/14 | 15:33PM
Verizon Hell on Earth

I had two land lines from Verizon and because the quality was so bad on the primary line I decided to disconnec it and use my secondary line instead. This also involved moving the DSL to the secondary line. Should be a simple process, right? Wrong! It has taken me 5 months, countless days of my time, 30 plus calls to tech support (can any of these people speak English well?), billing and retention to get it close to completed. I say close because the problems are never over with Verizon. This is a "communication" company that doesn't communitcate internally or with the customer. Out of the 30 plus people I spoke to there were 2 that really understood their job and could complete a work order. But even if they knew what to do that didn't mean that the "fix" wouldn't create a whole new set of issues or billing errors, which it did. I don't know how this company stays in businss but I can assure you that once I have another option besides their DSL offering I'm running as fast as I can away from this company. I also will be filing a complaint with the FCC but don't expect that to do much. Avoid this company if at all possible.

Jeff - Verizon H8er ID: 041E05

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03/07/19 | 3:21AM


RobertKitte - Verizon H8er ID: 10A9E3

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