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04/30/14 | 16:12PM
They Just Want Your Money- I'm stuck paying someone else bill!

Two days ago my phone was turned off so I call customer support on why my phone was turned off when I just paid the bill a week ago. They transferred me to financial dept. They said "That in Dec, 4 months ago I charged credit to pay my bill." I said, "NO I always use cash, also I don't have a credit card."

Looks like someone accidentally paid my own bill which was $306 and realized it was the wrong account. My bill is always $150 a month. I never knew about this till four months later when my cell was turned off. I said, "I paid my bill in Dec in cash at the front desk, why didn't that employ said that my bill was already paid? Did they steal my money?" I spoke to not one, but four different fucking supervisors in three different states. They all said completely different things about the person that paid my bill took his money back but left me with his bill!!!! I was so pissed, I told them, "Then how come you didn't give me a call regarding this on the month of DEC or JAN?! I've been paying my bill every single month. Now my phone is turned off because of someone's mistake."

What's sad about it is, they had it on record that someone else paid my bill, and they didn't have record of my own cash paying it. Then who took my cash? I was there in the Verizon Store in person. Four months later I go this news?! Two days I was on the phone with the financial dept and pretty much they said, "Since you should have known about this, this was your responsibility. You now have to pay your coming up bill of May and your old bill from Dec." But this was never my bill! They said something completely confusing to make me pay, since my bill and his bill combined because it was on account under my phone number it's now my responsibility to pay his and my own bill. So now I have to pay out of my pocket over $400 by next month. And I can't have my phone on till it's paid in full, if I want it on now I have to pay an activation fee. OMFG I feel scammed and there is no justice. They actually had proof on the computer and still. Someone elses mistake that I have to pay for. Fuck Verizon- my contract ends in July thank fucking god.

Verizon makes up these hidden charges for more money. I know couples that have problems with Verizon every month about their bill being too high or where did these charges come from? Verizon thinks that the average person ass money up their ass and can afford these outrages prices. This is why people have bad credit because these bills are unfair.

Anonymous Pissed Off Person! - Verizon H8er ID: BB551A

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05/15/14 | 2:47AM
When you do end be sure you call and get a cancellation confermation number. Or they won't turn it off and they will charge you for another month. Also if you payed a month "in advance" as they give you 2 months charge when you start with them, don't think you'll get it back they keep it.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 426438

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SDDapVossy - Verizon H8er ID: 6A338C

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