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05/03/14 | 1:02AM
To many issues for one posting

I've had Verizon for over ten years. I've always had issues with them but eventually I would get someone in customer service to make good on failed promises or misrepresentations by sales staff.

The first issue I had was that they were charging me minute overages that I did not incur. The way the did this was that when I was traveling, which is a lot if the time, Verizon would use towers from other cell companies or at least that is what they claimed. They claimed they were billing me whenever they got their bill from the other carrier which would be a couple of months later. They claimed they did not know the usage from the other carrier until
they got the bill. Well, O.K. But instead of adding the minutes to the month of the actual usage, they would add it to my current month causing me to go over my limit and then they
would charge me forty cents a minute.

Why would it be so difficult for them to add it to the month of actual usage? I never got an answer but after dealing with several supervisors who would not budge I got someone in the "accounting" department to credit me for every time they pulled this.

Another issue was when I got an android phone. I bought my phone at Walmart because the had the best price. It took TWO HOURS for Verizon to process the sale and activate my phone. While I was waiting the Verizon person promised to credit me $60.00 for the inconvenience. I never got the credit.
Then I found the data signal to be very bad at my home even though they advertised it as great.

This fucking android phone is bouncing the text all over the place right now so I'll probably continue with more of this story later. Please excuse whatever typos and partial sentences are in this message.

Well it looks like I have to stop at this point becausebecau

and the bill me a couple of months later for

Sick of It - Verizon H8er ID: 91DEE3

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03/29/19 | 22:29PM
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Smntrustnw - Verizon H8er ID: 191060

05/07/19 | 5:54AM
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