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05/08/14 | 22:53PM
Worked as CSR for over 10 years

I worked in a call center for over 10 years I have forgotten more than I remember. I graduated in may with a BA and let my supervisors know that I wanted to do something different. They reward my by railroading me out of a job after 6 months.
Suddenly after excelling at my job for over 10 years they change the metrics of my calls. All they are concerned about now is selling useless shit that nobody wants they could care less if you are helping the customer.
Working in a call center is a horrible jobs the Verizon supervisors in general are lazy, condescending and have absolutely no people skills.
The only motivation that they give you is to not get fired. A majority of the sups get off by evaluating your calls and subtly threatening you with your job. I doesn't matter how well you do there will always be something wrong. I have seen reps in tears. As for the service there is so much mis-information that is given to both the reps and the customers you will get three different answers to one question. I know for a fact that store reps are told to lie to the customers to make sales. The reason for this is that they are required to sell a certain amount everyday or they get fired. This is now the policy at the call centers, they want you to evaluate the account first thing to see what you can sell them.
To the CS credit though I would say 80% of the customer complaints are caused by the customer not reading something or when they say they were "told" something it's an all out lie or it was what they wanted to hear. Verizon sucks but a majority of the customers are idiots

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 927209

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06/05/14 | 18:33PM
Fuck your last line comment..u coon ball sucking bitch

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 5DBA26

06/18/14 | 14:37PM
I agree... most of the issues are caused by idiot customers.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: EA334D

07/17/14 | 17:19PM
I could not agree more with what this ex-rep stated. Reps have their hands tied behind their backs. Systems that don't work, supervisors that don't give a rats ass because over20 percent of their pay is based on what is sold. They don't give a shit about the customers or reps as long as they get paid. They don't know their job other than to threaten reps with firing them. There are unethical sales made sometimes and supervisors look the other way until the rep gets caught. Then they fire them and play like they didn't know. As long as their pockets and those above them are padded they don't care. I will admit that customers also lie and don't listen also. A confirmation email is usually sent if a correct email address is provided and is sent the day the order is placed. If there is something wrong call in and have it corrected. Also read the fine print as you should with anything you purchase.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 928E9A

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