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05/19/14 | 18:03PM
if its your time Verizon finds a way


may 19 2014

Verizon pays out others managers, co-workers and if needed doctors to say what they need and you will not be able to go against them. they control you and coworkers and the doctors opinions even if you get your own doctors its too late your out. you cant be a whistle blower or have them fix any OSHA related issue they know about and should have fixed automatically. you can never go against them, they say who they want to go after next and if its you sorry they are ruthless you are now nobody and if the others want to keep the jobs they have to play that game and shut up (I refused to help in past and saw a few go before me) its endless don’t get hurt on their property velichle you maybe working alone when you should not be. either you will be out eventually out they move the case in the direction they want confront hr and their attorney in many choices/ move to get person out and claim its not happening. its you when you know others are backing Verizon up and their mind playing head games never stop. they always go after someone in the time i worked there and medical is one of the ways they get many on. I heard a lot about missing tools and wire spools yet they see what they want and say anything they can if its your turn next to go. was the oldest in my department when they came down on me at meetings and younger ones asked to back up them so they can move up the ladder/ get the extras if they help, so sad Verizon is like this and people support them buy buying their products which i am sad to say some of the better out their and buyers do not know what they support by buying Verizon products and they have so many small/ other business that help them in all of their moves to get that person who they want out next. it could be age, sex, race, religion, your believes, not do free labor time for them, complain/ whistle blower, disability and more. You will be followed around and they will allow other to record you with cameras and do what ever they can even the opposite sex go into the restroom after you entered to use it. its you they need or want next to go Verizon tells and guides others what to say via meeting, email, instant messages and other voice conversations they tell one person to tell others what they need next from them and what they may get. They will NOT go after those helping them anything goes but for you you are a sitting duck. It wont stop until they can get anything to stick on you even if ts not what happened if they can make it look real their stories to make what they need said and the direction they need the results to go in it will. If you complain on others Verizon will not not want to check to back you except they said its not happening they did not do that. not if they want to get you they use what others can make stick its too late for you now there is more then one claim it cant be them how can it be all of them and they make sure they will get it backed up by another boss, hr or doctor. Verizon ignores what they want even if they started it, said it if they now need to change what they said all of a suddon they never said it (they play head games) they will keep it going, using what they can and not stop trying until the can get something to use or stick and get so much more it maybe even do or say what you really did or say they will have so many working with them as they cant do it without coworkers and managers giving extra to them. Over the years they changed and used so many differ ways on others and myself,I have to wonder if some of the Verizon managers need mental help themselves. My boss said he did and other coworkers. Verizon tells your personal business to others and shares your personal folder with other coworkers. Verizon really does not care what happens to you as long as they can verify they will have the results they need and coworkers their job after going after the next person to be next. Verizon and coworkers really do not care what Verizon wants them to do they will have a job thinking they have gone next if they lower senority. If they hold a higher community status job like represent Scouting, Towns, church they use that against you if they can. keeping job will get more money it the motivation for others to go against whomever was selected next to go. as long as they will have a job then rumors start you said something you never knew about months may past before you hear it this is how they get others to help them claiming you say things you did no and word it just right to get them to gang up and to remove you even hr, security, managers coworkers will back who they need to go. they get extra benefits able to surf, take your time you wanted vacation, your mandatory scheduled workload changes you get more work while the ones helping them get less work. Its done in chucks of time you have so long to file against verizon the wait for some time to pass and more to the next direction they need the case to go. Once the so called time allowed to file with the court or state passes they got you they are already working on getting you closer to the door with more helping them. Once you lost what you clan file agianst them on they will get you out with others helping them. I am sure some of them will lose they time in the future as Verizon has found differ ways to get rid of employees since I worked they but you always knew who was going next (even if I did not want to help set coworkers up to be let go). They call you names, lie to get what they want and take your personal things and you lose. I am missing things and cant get my things at work. In past as soon as they hear some are n ot coming back personal lamps, etc are moved to the desk of some that helped to get you out. They play games. Even your printouts at the printer are taken and others walking around reading it if lucky they put it back if not you must reprint sometimes whats on your desk too. I have so many things I am missing and seen other missing, lamps, glasses, untencils, dishes, papers, things in desk, keys, fans, books, etc the list can go one some more

They talk the talk but they don’t care about you your just a number and your family is nothing to Verizon you had a paycheck for a while from them. If you don't help them do what they want to others your next. It does not matter if a union is there or not they may help but the bottom line is you paid union dues so do the others if you cost too much to fight for you wont have a good system representing you. Oh lets not for get family that are working with each other under their family (boss, team lead or manager) and friends wont go against those friends its a secure system for a few but the others they drag in to help I seen others eventually go against them some lost their jobs but not family/ friend of the family (I am not talking about a family owned business).

nly the ones helping them get extra benefits more break time, can come in late leave early, training , pay, vacation you wanted , less work on schedule better trained with getting details and somebody sitting with you for hours or day while you get an email something changed figure it out your self, you workload schedule will have more work for you will coworkers get a lighter work load, pc maybe erased and have constant problems while others hardly have pc problems while you have to spead extra time to fix your pc and play catch up.

Verizon controls everything and your pc. You get theatened by others and the boss does not want to hear it or see it and claims they never knew. Verizon controls your pc remotely what is added to your pc or removed you may get somehing you dont you use and it will cause pc problems (freezes up, memory loss, someone tried to log onto you pc and locked you out, pc information erased the list can go on). ong as they keep helping they boss, HR, Verizon go after who is next and if you do not in time if will be you next to go or less someone can stop Verizon . Ou can get a case against Verizon they run you out of money or you wont get any times passes and the Government does not help much Verizon is too big and tell others what to say when they need it, your out of a job and Verizon lets others enjoys the benefits and plan on who is next to go after. Sometimes I knew who was next ahead of the other one being let go. The government cant stop a company so large as Verizon and verizon workers, doctors, managers are already used to what to say and do. If if against him or Verizon go against verizon so the stories are the same then we will talk and fix what they need to to do next. They get what they want at the others person expense and piece of mind.

unfortuntely the lle has too many loops holes and takes too much time. People have a short memory and by the time passes Verizon already told others what they need to others know why they out. Doctor kept them out too long, hortterm longterm disabiliy, we did not get the fax or not at all or n time. You did not call in. she worked from home we did not know (when they tell you he working from hime), stole somehting, broked ethics rule, too many said you did it, we got a picture that fits close to the story, hey turn you in for something you never done, your next, they have someone lined up for job already, pc problems, sex, disabled, religion, race your not like some on them or not what they want in the future so if they can get one of you out now saves time in futue. You came in late or left early one minutes while buddies can be several mintes hours late, your a whislte blower. They post things and blame you even if you did not do it. Your a slow worker but you keep getting a lot of work and pc not being fixed they say they will fix it it could be years. And a lot more.

Within Verizon you have so many day to report anything while if they need something they will go back years if they need to fix a story to be changed the way they need it to and that person they go after will lose out. They can be very nasty to you. you cant find out about other cases or less you read about them somewhere by then its too late. If your lucky they may tell you a small portion so they can say you know but they always retaliate aginst you and you wont know until its too late and you cant do anything about it. They even have other companies help short and long -term disability, doctors, attorney, insurance, etc. you will be told They make it sound like its only you hearing things, its not happening its you with the problem s its a “Free Will Employment” and they break so many laws at your expense and they come out smelling like a rose and left you to rot and move on with what ever they used to get you out good luck finding a job or not have other problems thanks to them having paid for a doctor to say what they want and they are the customer to the doctor not you. You wont be able to get a report or statement from them or less they consult they attorneys and get how they need it then you are nothing you wont hear from them and you have to pick up where they leave you so Verizon can look good for the next person they will go against. They even keep your personal items at work.

Anonymous-Ma - Verizon H8er ID: 2286A1

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05/25/14 | 23:19PM
They also hire private investigators to watch your home. One parked at my home watching a VZ employee down the street on medical leave after a vehicle accident. They follow you to doctor appointments. Some managers are allowed to make home visits during medical leave. These steps need to be known.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 6861CC

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