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05/24/14 | 21:46PM
Lying Frauds

Apparently I live in a "dead spot" for verizon phone and
data coverage. I went to a nearby verizon store (also in the dead spot) and they were happy to sell me a 4G phone, 4G service with extended data usage all the while knowing that 4G was not available where I live, and they said nothing!!!
3G is 1/2 of the day, 2 G the rest and often no "G" service at all. Videos buffer for 4 minutes then play for 20 seconds.
Websites "time out" after 30 seconds. Unbelievable!
Verizon repair said the upgrades to make the phone actually work will be 2015 or later. Thanks effing verizon!

You shoulda told me! - Verizon H8er ID: 1B4331

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