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06/05/14 | 21:27PM
Bogus Data Overages

Verizon jacked up cellular data use by 6Gs over a two week period on my phone. When I got the first overage, I contacted them and got the runaround about things it "could" be because of apps I "might" be using, none of which applied in my case. I set the phone cellular data to Off, deleted what few apps I had and waited to see the data usage go down. Next day, 1G more. Following day, another G. Next day 2Gs. All while cellular data was off on a phone that had no apps whatsover on it, and while I was checking email on my laptop from my home wireless. Again, I called and got stuck in the endless loop of pointless meaningless questions. Again, I was told to go to a Verizon store for a diagnostics check. I did. Again, no answers, no bill adjustment, just a run around. And another text saying I'd used ANOTHER G of data that afternoon. Called back, got a CS rep who then pretended to be his own supervisor by using cartoon voices. Contacted their social media CS, got nothing but some pantywaist saying it "hurt him" to hear I was having a bad experience (sac up, baby boy, and just fix the problem already...). No one can fix this, no one will credit my bill and no one will release me from contract even though they can't resolve the problem. Verizon is about as dishonest and scumsucking as it gets.

POed Verizon user - Verizon H8er ID: 90A14F

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06/12/14 | 23:18PM
My experiences in this week are almost identical to this. Very helpless feeling when caught in the web of a huge poisonous spider!

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 08E822

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marvineg69 - Verizon H8er ID: 982448

05/01/19 | 4:11AM

ScottNem - Verizon H8er ID: F3E91C

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