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06/08/14 | 13:54PM
Data Usage Highly Inaccurate

I wanted to call into question the accuracy of Verizon Wireless's data usage estimates. I have unlimited data on an iphone 4 which I barely use. I'm very conscious of what apps are running and the only app I use is a streaming music service. For the past 4-5 months (maybe longer), when I check my data usage it shows between 4-8gigs of transfer. I assumed that it was just the streaming music service since I literally didn't use any other apps during that time (no maps, no youtube, no videos). I decided to do an experiment though. I had this music service streaming all day for 2 days. When I checked the usage during that period, it only increased by 200mb each day. I can't get any sort of answer as to why the data usage was so much during the previous periods.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 88246E

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06/18/14 | 14:24PM
the iphone, like most of its users isnt very intelligent. it will use cell data while still on wifi, if an email fails it will try to resend it indefinitely, if you swap to android theres a good chance youll have issues getting texts from iphones, and many many other problems... but hey its the service provider not apples fault right? sooo many bugs

seriously read up on iphone issues before you - Verizon H8er ID: 581AA3

08/23/14 | 16:52PM
This is my first couple of weeks on a verizon tablet data only plan and they are so full of shit about data usage. I have the lg gpad and 2 weeks into the service verizons data usage meter is claiming 1.77 gigs of data used so far.. I havent streamed anything! I downloaded maybe 2 small apps and thats it. The. Majority of the time im on wifi. The only reason i have their service is because my work takes me places where tmobile doesnt work. I have tmobile unlimted everything on ny phone and i stream, download, tether, and browse all the time and hardly ever hit 3 gigs a month. Verizon your full of fucking shit!

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 78A63D

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