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06/11/14 | 18:24PM
For Terrible Billing Service Press 3

My family and I have been a loyal Verizon customers for a very long time. I got my first Verizon phone in 2006 and have never had any other wireless provider. Recently I upgraded my family plan to the much advertised "more everything plan" which at first was great because my family was moving over to smart phones and using more data. However this is what happens with Verwhen something gose wrong.

Month of the switch: My bill drops from 270$ to 230$, which was great, the cost benefit of the new plan was what sold me on making the switch. Two new smartphones replace two basic phones. I have automatic payment so the due amount is taken out of my account.

Month 2; Verzon bill is again 230$ have automatic payment so the exact due amount is taken out of my account. I also send a manual payment, out of habbit ,of the exact due amount. OOPS, I payed my bill twice, total of 460$. O’well I guess next month is covered too. So I suspend the automatic payment for next month.

Month 3: Verizon bill is 443$. I have been billed an additional month in advance, with no explanation as to why. My previous balance forward is subtracted from the new bill which puts me in the hole about 216$. And i don’t know this because I assumed I was a head on my bills and the balance was in my favor.

Month 4: Verizon bill is 320$. Because the “more everything plan” that I was sold on really just means you pay more for everything. This month’s bill plus the previous balance leaves me in the hole for 537$. Now the fun par starts. Enter stage left Verizon Automated payment demands. “we are calling to inform you that you have been ****ed we will be cancelling your service (after 7 years) if you do not pay the troll toll.” This is the first notice that I get that something may be wrong. So Iog into my account and see what has happened. I cant make heads or tails of the tangled mess of: surcharges, negative balance forwards, and the additional positive negative monthly charges billed typically a month or so in advance of when you are least expecting it. I don’t know what has happened. So I call the number linked to the email I received immediately after the phone call demand. “ thank you for calling the payment hotline press 1 to make a payment, press 2 to make a payment in Spanish, press 3 to be transferred to another automated system… were sorry our normal service hours are precisely when you are at work making money to pay our bills. Please call back between 9-5 Monday through Frida after calling every service number I could track down I get in touch with a real live human. Who is more than happy to process a payment so that I can avoid loosing service but has no idea why my bill is what it is and “cannot see in the system why my bill has been so inconsistent” so she transfers me to So and So department where I sit on hold for about 45 minuets befor hanging up and seriously considering cancelling my Verizon service immediately.

This reminds me of that time I cancelled my Verizon Xfinity service received a 58 dollar check in the mail from Verizon to cover the negative balance forward. I Then received a monthly bill from Verizon months later at my new apartment where I now had RCN. When I finally got hold of an actual person at Verizon, they had no record of the account (because it had been canceled for over 4 months). I said “Im not going to pay this bill because I think you made an error”, they said “we have no record of you or that you owe us this money.” And we parted ways. Month later Verizon has sent the bill (that they had no record of) to a collection agency. Thanks guys. But that’s a story for another rant

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: B216D6

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03/15/19 | 4:21AM
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AndreyUphob - Verizon H8er ID: 847CAA

04/16/19 | 18:19PM
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maryanneof1 - Verizon H8er ID: 6F27F7

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Stevempinc - Verizon H8er ID: 381BA5

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