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06/20/14 | 17:29PM
Annual Negotiation Call on 6/20/2014

The person I spoke with was much more interested in convincing me that Verizon's pricing and policies were fair than making sure I was satisfied and felt like I was a valued customer. I have never felt more like a number to a company that I feel like to Verizon.

When we finally wrapped up our call, the support person did not thank me for being a customer nor did he say bye. He simply hung up.

I understand if the customer service person is limited in what they can do to help a customer but they should at least be empathetic to the customer and try to help the customer feel like the company cares. That's the spirit behind "the customer is always right." It doesn't mean the company needs to give its services away but at least the rep should strive to make the customer feel like the rep is doing everything in their power to help. They should make the customer feel valued and important.

Specifically, I am very frustrated that Verizon advertises new customer deals that are simply not available to existing customers. I'm also very frustrated that I'm required to call Verizon year and negotiate for 30 minutes or more to keep my price from going up. I spent almost an hour on the phone to get my package price lowered and my bundle is still $10 a month more than mailers Verizon sends to my house and those advertised to new customers. In addition to my bad price, new customers also get a $300 gift card.

I want to know what Verizon does to make existing customers feel valued? I've also been a "valued" customer of Verizon's since 2008. In just the last 4 years, I've paid you more than $7000 for your services. About a quarter of that has been equipment rental charges. I can't believe I've paid you something like $1500 in equipment rental. At what point have I paid for the equipment? What is a reasonable equipment charge? If I got a cell phone from you, you'd let me buy it outright. Why can't I stop paying for old equipment?

I'd feel valued if Verizon automatically gave me the best available price without making me call and renegotiate every year. I'd feel valued if Verizon would give me an equipment payment plan that means I stop paying a rental fee at some point. The equipment can still yours just stop charging me rental when my equipment is old and paid for.

I want you to do something to make me feel like you care that I'm a long-term customer.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 65C38D

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03/27/19 | 3:14AM

Cruddy - Verizon H8er ID: D3FC61

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