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06/21/14 | 14:37PM

What a horrible way to treat customers. I was due for updates on my phones and thought I should maybe check some other prices but have been with Verizon for 20 yrs so ended up there. I got 2 new IPhones 5s and the wife couldn’t decide what she wanted so she stayed with old phone but this locked me into a new 2 yr contract . Within a wk one of the new iPhones started turning on and of like 10 –15 times a day. Wk 2 it turned off and would not turn on again . It was my sons who was in college at the time so we talked and he took it in to a Verizon store where he was told I need to come in since the account was in my name. He was away from home , Verizon could see on account it was his phone they said it was not abused, they could not even turn it on , they sold me the phone give him another phone maybe even a loaner till he gets another. So now I need to go to store and explain to 3 different people this is my phone and my son has it and I need a new one. what a waste of time after about 2 hrs and talking to different people and yes they said there were notes on his account from other person he had talked to from different store. So I finally walk out with a receipt in hand and being told I would have a new phone in a couple days. As I sat in my vehicle thinking this is stupid I looked at my receipt and noticed it said droid on it so back into Verizon I went. The salesman said that’s what your son has on his account. My son had activated a friends old phone so he has one since VERIZON REFUSED to give him one. Another hr 3 people and yes they can see he had a new iPhone and notes on it from other store. Sometimes sorry just doesn't do it. I was now late for a appointment . Now I walk out and have been told I will get a new iPhone in the mail in about 2 wk Yes 2 wks again I bought it there just give me a new one and you send old one back. I will also get a new droid that I have to send back because they said they cant cancel it . In about 3 days I get the Droid and sent it back Verizon mistake and a waste of my time . After waiting over 2 wks and not receiving a new iPhone back to Verizon I went . I am now bitter at Verizon after doing 20 yrs of business with them. 3 people 1 hr later I was told it got delivered to my post office . I got the tracking num called the post office and they say o yes that was the droid. Go back in to Verizon another hr of explaining I walk out being told I will get a new iPhone in a couple of days, We’ll see . Once again I got the phone in your store just give me a new one . Do you realize how much of my time you have wasted ? do you care? O what is Your Policy ? How many Billion did you make last year ? I am Locked into a new 2 yr contract . Why don’t you just release me ? After 20 yrs do you think I will ever renew my contract ?

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 73089F

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06/22/14 | 5:19AM
Their customer service employee are just a bunch of morons abused by this filthy corporate -- just a waste of time talking to them. In the past six years, we had at least 3 different cases with them, that took us hours and hours on phone, and taking weeks to solve a simple problem (including delay in sending an order, mistakes in billing, the most ridiculous thing store refusing to give use the phone we ordered online! for which we had selected store pick up). Finally we gave up on Verizon, paid termination fees, and thought, paying several hundred dollars now, is better than having hart attack because Verizon's broken system, an paying tens of thousands to a hospital.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 5564B4

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