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06/22/14 | 20:19PM
I shut off service, Verizon kept charging me for months afterwards, refunds half.

I think there should be a class action lawsuit against Verizon. Since they penalize customers who underpay their bills, Verizon should be required to pay penalties when they overchange customers through autopayment (which my bank said they could not stop, only Verizon could.)

I have spent hours on the phone and more time digging up the relevant documentation.

(Call #1 to Verizon)
I shut off service in the beginning of 2014.

Result: Verizon continued to bill me for months afterwards.

(Call #2 to Verizon)
The second call I was assured it would all be taken care of, and they spent a long time calculating credits to be put on my account.

Result: I continued to get new charges and the credits did not appear.

(Call #3 to Verizon)
The third call the representative claimed that nothing was done because in the second call, the representative didn't do it correctly and the credits were cancelled. He claimed that a manager had attempted to contact my cell phone. (I received no voicemails and saw no missed calls in my log.)
He claimed to do it correctly this time.

Result: Weeks later I received a notification that I would receive a credit -- but only about half of what was billed after what I shut off service.

(Call #4 to Verizon)
In my fourth call, the first rep put me on hold "to try to access my account". I was transferred to Repair Office, who transferred me to billing. The third rep said that since the account was closed he didn't have access to it and I would have to contact the financial office during business hours.

Verizon is evil -- Class action lawsuit neede - Verizon H8er ID: A7B5B2

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