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06/27/14 | 18:08PM
rooted thunderbolt better than new Samsung galaxy devices 3g 4g switching

I have a stack of devices to plop my SIM card in and out. I can test various aspects of Verizon data connection. absolutely disgusting corporate greed and ineptitude discovered.

the rooting community is always better that the corporations with their secret agendas. rooting always wants the best if the best.

result: 4/5 bars of 4g signal with my og thunderbolt rooted with synergy Rom running wifi to my Xbox playing Madden smoothly and beating fools.

whilst my new expensive sg3 and razr maxx bounce between 3g and 4g always settling on 3g. with no option to choose my signal like the og thunderbolt. the newbies don't even know that you used to be able to choose your signal!

people ROOT all your Verizon devices to a Rom that lets you choose your signal.

unless you love being tortured by the insane sick megalomaniac corporation that is Verizon.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: D2AC87

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