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07/01/14 | 2:39AM
waste of time

I swear i dont know how i always end up in a verizon store when trying to compare phone companies - prices and value. First of all in this day and age prices is what draws the customerin. Its what draws me in any way. Let me tell you in a nut shell how fucking rediculous their prices are for the same or comparable service at verizon. You think youre back in the 80s or 90s back when cell phones were a high life luxury. Their prices on everthing is comparable to the days when cell phones were the biggest shit of the decade. Charging for internet usage per MB? Wtf? Why? Out of pure retardedness i would imagine. Who does that anymore? And the customer service is stuck up just like their prices. How stupid do you think people are? The prices alone are offensive then you gimme a snot nosed little pimple faced bitch who is indifferent about me as a potential customer explaining the programs and contracts half heartedly as though doing me a favor. I think ill do myself a favor and leave sweetheart and i suspect you will be doing the same thing in the near future when you close up shop for the last time and buying your stuff from a decent company like T-mobile. At least those people make an effort to help you out and find what you need whether it be exactly or pretty damn close. So verizon i bid you farewell and i think the world will be bidding you the same in 10 years time.

alex - Verizon H8er ID: B8422B

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