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07/09/14 | 14:57PM
Don't get assaulted out of the country, Verizon won't help

My girlfriend went on a cruise with a family member in April2014. She was assaulted by the family member during a drunken rage. My girlfriend called me to tell me what had happened. She returned from the cruise and we received the bill. It was $875 in charges. We called Verizon and explained the situation. They said fax them a report and they would call us back. 30 days letter we get a call saying our bill was past due. Again I call and explain the situation. Verizon says to fax the report AGAIN and they would call us back. 15 days later I attempt to make a phone call and our account is suspended. I call and explain a 3rd time. This teller finally tells me it is a Verizon policy to not help in situations like this. The charges stayed and i had to pay $1200 to activate our phones again. Apparently being assaulted on vacation and letting loved ones know the situation does not warrant any leniency with Verizon.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: E099F4

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07/13/14 | 19:01PM
Fucking outrageous charges!

If I traveled, I wouldn't want to use the phone. I'd probably call from a spot where there's no coverage or something and end up with a crazy fucking bill to pay. FUCK VERIZON and FUCK all these bloodsucking corporations!


Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 7B1195

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