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07/16/14 | 21:00PM
Corruption, Fraud, Theft: Verizon's One Stop Shop

After attempting to go into my local Verizon store (not a retail location)in order to purchase a Samsung Galaxy S5 under the device payment plan, a plan used to keep unlimited data and break up the full cost of a phone over monthly payments, I was told that no such program existed by my the sales rep, Johnathan. Johnathan told me he would be able to charge me $474.81, give me an S5 and switch it to my second line. After the initial charge of $474.81, Johnathan then told me it would be another $200++ in order to get a Galaxy S5. At this point, I instantly asked for my money to be refunded and the process stopped. Johnathan left and after several minutes of him not returning I approached the manager, who assured me she would refund the money and I should expect it in 3-5 days.

3-5 days later I called Verizon customer service where I was hung up on the first time, and the second time when asked to speak to a supervisor I was again hung up on. Finally, I got a hold of a supervisor for Verizon who had a three way call with myself and the store manager. He told me to come in and they would take care of the refund. The Verizon phone rep called me back and advised me to ask for a District Manager if they did not provide my refund. When I arrived to the store, the manager, Francisco, took me to the back and told me that instead of a refund I could give him another $190 and he would give me one Galaxy S5 today and send me another free one in the mail. He then told me that as long as I brought the phones back in and signed my name to a 2GB contract plan that he could work the system and get my unlimited data back, but not to mention it to anyone else because only he knew how. He then took a copy of my driver's license and debit card and told me to come back later that night and he would have the refund documents for meI returned to the store, Francisco was gone, and another rep, Andrew, told me that Francisco could not do as he promised and that my refund had not been processed. When I asked to speak to the District Manager, I was told that I did not want to do that and there was no reason for it. When I persisted, I was told the manager was on vacation and I could not speak to them.

I was contacted by Andrew the next day and was told that the District Manager, Jennifer Smith, was in the store having a meeting with the manager. I left work to go in and speak with her or the manager. Upon my arrival, I was told they were both unavailable. I again called into Verizon’s customer service, immediately asked for a supervisor and had to again explain the entire situation. The supervisor transferred me to the fraud department. The fraud department heard my story and immediately recommended that I go back to the store, call the police and open a full investigation. They then transferred me to their legal department.

At this point, I submitted to the Better Business Bureau and received an email from Mark Baeza, in Executive Relations. He asked me to call him so we could further discuss the issue. Mark let me know that after 2 weeks, my refund was finally being processed and should be in my account, nope… He then let me know that in addition to refunding my money, Verizon would be charging my account $474.81 which I would be responsible for. (wait…what?!?). Mark then told me the device payment plan ended this week and that’s why I was told it wasn’t offered. However, the screen shots I have from chatting with a Verizon Rep clearly state that this program is available at every retail location. So who’s right Verizon? Obviously not the customer.

Here is the issue Verizon, your sales person misrepresented the store and was poorly trained on the programs offered or is simply incentivized in such a way that has caused corruption and negatively affects all of us as consumers. I am asking that my money be immediately refunded, for appropriate action to be taken by your corporation against your employees who have wrongfully broken the law and for you to reach out to me as a customer of over ten years and keep my business.


Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 970F76

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04/11/19 | 2:38AM

Epiba65 - Verizon H8er ID: E7530D

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