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07/16/14 | 21:20PM
Bait & switch tactics

Long story short...was promised (in writing) that FIOS would be cheaper then DSL. Received first FIOS bill...$28.00 more then I was promised (in writing)and 3 weeks later STILL have a wire running across my front yard. To date, I have contacted Verizon via e-mail 12 times, clearly pointing out a visual comparison between what I was promised (in writing)and my first FIOS bill and repeatedly asking for re-assurances (in writing) that Verizon intends to honor the pricing originally promised without adding deceptive "24 month" limitations that were not in the original estimate. Today, I received a "partial credit" of $19.99 towards my bill which was for a 3 part fee clearly waived in my original estimate (in writing) with no reassurances that next month I won't be overcharged the same amount again, which still leaves a $8.00 over-charge unaccounted for, nor addressed by Verizon Customer Service...and, to date, have received NO information concerning exactly when "someone will come by" to bury this wire...as I was "promised" by the original FIOS installer three weeks ago!

There is a name for this...its called "bait & switch"...promise (in writing)one price to the customer, then charge more and add deceptive "24 month" limitations that clearly were NOT in the original quoted/promised (in writing) price...then ignore the customer when they complain for as long as possible before grudgingly honoring "some" of the pricing...all the while refusing to answer direct inquiries with direct answers concerning future billing.

Not very happy about this...

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 47CDCB

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EstelleUphob - Verizon H8er ID: F0E5AD

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