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07/19/14 | 18:08PM
The other side of the Coin

I know a lot of people visit this site, and support it and such, but I want to address the ELEPHANT that's obviously in the room. And I can sum this question up in one word... WHY?

WHY... do you bitch about Verizon, bitch about their high prices yet pay them month after month?!

WHY... do you not speak with your wallet, switch to another carrier and pay less?!

WHY... do you call into customer service or tech support, acting like spoiled brats, whiny ass babies after you fuck up your own phones, only to have the rep that you call into for help try to tell you how to fix your phone, and you not listen to them, then give them bad surveys after you refused to do anything they ask you to, and your phone(Tablet or other device) is still as fucked up after you get your whiny unhappy ass off the phone, as it was when YOU fucked it up?

Why... Can't you people just fucking grow a damn pair and go somewhere else if you hate Verizon so much?!

I will be honest with you. Obviously by now you know I work for Verizon, and I'm gonna let you in a secret you may not know. A lot of Verizon reps don't even have Verizon service! Why you ask?

Because we're smart enough to know that you can get the same service through somewhere like Straight Talk at half the price! And if we want to use our phones as modems, we're smart enough to go to Sprint, where you get unlimited Data, and STILL can use LTE now, and STILL pay less!

You whiny ass bastards complain because the phone manufacturers remove features from their phones from one version to another, getting pissed at Verizon for it, or more specifically, at the Verizon rep that breaks the bad news to you. Or you get mad because an Android or iOS software update breaks your phone, and you can't text or picture message anymore, then expect the rep to be able to fix it!

Who the hell do you think you calling?! A customer service or tech support rep, or a master software programmer?! Let me give you a clue, since you're too fucking clueless to understand! WE DON'T MAKE A SIX FIGURE INCOME, AND IF WE DID, YOU SURE AS HELL WOULDN'T BE ABLE TO TALK TO US!

We are here to answer you questions, and do what we can, but we're not magicians, nor are we Apple or Google, or any other kind of programmer at that rate! That's above our paygrade...WAY above!

So the next time you get pissed off at huge ass Verizon bill, don't call Customer Service or Tech Support and take it out on us! WE'RE PEOPLE TOO! AND WE'RE DOING THE BEST WE CAN TO ACTUALLY HELP YOU GET THE BEST YOU CAN OUT OF YOUR SERVICE!!! In other words...WE'RE ON YOUR SIDE! SO QUIT GIVING US BAD SURVEYS AND GETTING US FIRED BECAUSE YOU'RE MAD AT THE STORE REPS WHO SOLD YOU THE PHONE, OR MAD AT VERIZON FOR MAKING YOU PAY WITH YOUR FIRST BORN, JUST TO KEEP YOUR SERVICE! If you can't understand that, close your damn wallet, and your Goddamn mouth and switch carriers! Otherwise, QUIT BITCHIN' AND PAY THE DAMN BILL!

Tired of being abused Verizon phone rep - Verizon H8er ID: 68593E

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07/19/14 | 21:12PM
Thank you so much!!! I couldn't have put it any better. Most reps want to help you and will do the best they can but when they have to deal with assholes all day, week, month, etc..along with having ZERO support from management as well as systems that don't work it makes it impossible some times. If the product or service is so bad....LEAVE. It's still shitty with the other companies also. Comcast and Warner have much more shitty ratings and a much more inferior product. Try them and then you will come back. I am damn sure that the companies that some of these complainers work for have shitty service but as a rep I know how it is and when I have to contact them I treat them as humans, not a punching bag. Also, if there is a problem with your service, whether it be for wireless or home, contact the department or store you dealt with. Don't contact another department which only wastes your time and angers you more. For any of you idiots that can't figure how to navigate through a phone tree when you call, just enter as much info as you can and if it doesn't work say the word "agent" as it will get you to someone. And be fucking prepared to provide info such as your account number when you call. Don't be an idiot and think that by just telling us who you are or by saying you are logged into your account that we know that. We can't help you unless you secure your account. The information needed is on your fucking bill or if you actually log into your account you can find all the information needed for up to assist you. We all know that you would be the first person to be pissed off if someone made a change to your account without verifying information but for some reason most of you feel that it's okay for you to contact us without having to secure any of your account information. Call the electric company, your credit card company, or any other company that you do business with and they will be required to secure an account with your account number or some other pertinent information. when you contact a company whether it be Verizon or any of her company you have to deal with, treat the rep as you would want to be treated. we do understand that there may be a problem with your service and will try and help you as best we can and if that doesn't work request for a supervisor but even common decency goes a long way and no matter what company you're dealing with, if you have a complaint, when you treat people in a civilized manner you're more apt to get better help.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: C427F2

07/28/14 | 4:04AM

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 6465F2

07/29/14 | 23:38PM
Yeah.It's ridiculous how people complain to Verizon and on this site about broken phones and batteries not keeping a charge. It has nothing to do with verizon. Take it up with the OEMs.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 8C723F

08/01/14 | 0:44AM
I don't call to complain about trival things as you Reps so kindly put it. I am nice until the Reps are rude and give me the run around. There is a diffence.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 8676D0

08/08/14 | 18:31PM
Very true and any rep that complains just because a customer contacts us or even complains ought to reevaluate their job choice and may want to look for other employment as it is customers like yourself that keep us employed; however, everyone needs to treat everyone with respect. We do want to help and empathize with the customers. Hell, most of us are customers also and go through the same issues that you do. I am NOT saying that there aren't bad reps out there but there are bigger issues with our systems and with management. Also it does wear you down when customers first are extremely rude and then go on and on complaining when if they would just get to the point they would not be wasting their time or our time. When that happens it reduces call volume making it easier for the customer to get through and saves everyone time. There are going to be problems with your service or your bills sometimes and that is with any company but we know this and will do our best with what we have to get it resolved. If it doesn't work, ask for it to be escalated. We can't offer you a supervisor but if you ask we can request for one. if there isn't one available we can request to have them call you.as stated earlier in a previous response a little bit of courtesy goes a long way.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: C427F2

11/05/14 | 13:35PM
First, let me ask the holier than thou rep who weighed in ( or any reps who think this way ), ignoring whether the majority of issues are related or not to your company as the provider, why do YOU choose to stay working for said business if you personally get your service elsewhere? See the comparison to your logic? Enough said.
And that out of the way, I can sum up in two words why in many such examples of unhappy customers they choose to stay despite other issues or switch but then return, and how that makes those who think like you part of the problem :

Anon Ymoose - Verizon H8er ID: 617B08

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