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07/21/14 | 17:56PM
Took my unlimited data away

Went to the Verizon store in pleasant hill ca to get my kids smart phones activated , turns out the phones could not be activated , Kyle wiggins, the sales associate assured me my plan would remain the same as I was unable at add my kids to my plan at that time. Turns out they changed my plan to limited data and jacked my monthly bill by $60 , so I was paying a lot more for a lot less. , I called them and told them the story , I was told a request would be put in to restore my plan . A week later I looked at my plan and it was even worse , I called verizon and they told me my request was denied and nothing could be done. I went from unlimited data ,700 minutes and 250 texts for $130 , to 6gb of data , unlimited text and 700 mi n talk for $185 a month for 2 phones , what idiot would do that? I dumped and went to tmobile .

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: C12ADF

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07/21/14 | 20:12PM
A Word of warning to anyone with a grandfathered unlimited plan. Don't EVER buy a phone at a Verizon store....EVER. They will add that phone to your plan at the discounted rate, and THAT will change your plan automatically. Once the plan is changed, they CANNOT change it back.

Best thing to do is to either go to a non-corporate store or a non-verizon online location(Craigslist, Amazon, ebay etc...) and buy the phone outright, then go to myverizon.com or call a rep and do a device change.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 7734C9

07/25/14 | 9:48AM
Don't feel stuck with verizon to keep unlimited data. I didn't want change for fear of losing grandfathered plan. Best thing I ever did was get T-Mobile. WAY better network, like a miracle, and much cheaper.

jerry garcia - Verizon H8er ID: 86870C

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