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07/23/14 | 10:39AM
Disconnecting Service

I had Verizon Fios since April 2010. I moved out of state to another apt that did not have Fios. When I was getting ready to move, I called Verizon 12/19 to find out what I needed to do to disconnect and also asked what date my last payment had paid me up to. I was told not to pay the new bill I had because I paid up thru 12/27 and I was moving on 12/28. The rep said I would get a final bill. I was told to call back on my last day in my apt and it would take a couple minutes. On that last day, I called, but kept getting told they could not disconnect me, calls transferred, disconnected, called again, and told that they wanted me to get a landline from Verizon, DSL and Dish (or Direct) TV - can't remember which but it's one with a satellite dish. Service would be worse and more expensive and I couldn't have a dish at my new apt. He would not disconnect me and finally my phone battery died because I had been on the phone so long. I never received a final bill and forgot all about it until Saturday when i got a giant bill from a collection agency. They are now trying to tell me that verizon bills at the end of a coverage period and that I had only paid up to 11/27 and now owed one full month plus 4 days and $40 early termination fee. I insist that I owe only about $16 and they will not send me copies of all my bills, payment history or copy of signed contract. Even their CSR told me on 12/19 I was paid up thru 12/27. I've been on chat rooms for hours, private messages on facebook, but it's just a delaying action. They insist they are right, but no proof. I keep getting someone that says they want to help, but after several minutes say I have to transfer to someone else or call someone else. I give up, not another nickel.

- Verizon H8er ID: 9ECC8E

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07/28/14 | 3:58AM
final bills are in the system you should have called back once you charged your phone to make sure the account was disco smh

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: E4B43B

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