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08/12/14 | 21:27PM
No information about service outage

I have been trying to call my father all day. He lives in an Assisted Living facility in Ohio, I live in San Diego, CA. All day I get "all circuits are busy...". According to the news, no storms, riots, or other reasons for a regional disruption. Local service is fine.
I go to their (extremely confusing and marginally functional) verizonwireless website. Try Chat--"All agents are busy."
Try signing on--I have to know my wife's first pet, use her cell phone number (it won't recognize mine), text her for her password. Finally get on, all that's available is Chat--"All agents are busy."
Try calling Customer Service. Get prompted for "password". Voice-mail password fails. Wife's on-line password gets me to voice mail hell. Finally get an agent, they ask me to orally state password. I question this, they say password I entered was wrong.
I hang up on them and give up.

My general impression as a 15-year Verizon customer (my wife's choice)--pretty good technology, pretty good cell coverage, ABYSMAL CUSTOMER SERVICE. They act like they have so many customers, they could care less about my problems. Technical, billing, whatever. ABYSMAL.

Bill from San Diego - Verizon H8er ID: C06262

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08/13/14 | 1:19AM
unfortunately, you are right. They do not care at all about customers. They only care about getting new customers having no care for existing customers, unless you are going to buy something and even then they will only concern themselves with the sale probably never solving your original issue. That is what is driven into the management who in turn drive it into the CSR. I hope all is okay with your father and I would look into another carrier if you can. Otherwise keep complaining and escalating the issue until someone finally listens to you. Go to http://www.Verizon wireless.com and see if you can find the corp address to file a complaint. Don't waste your timewith a store or rep on the phone. Good luck.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: CE4A8A

03/28/19 | 4:45AM
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lisauf16 - Verizon H8er ID: BC922D

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