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08/13/14 | 17:58PM
Bad CSR training, bad company policies

I've been a customer for like 15 years...

My current (non smart) phone's screen went blank, making it very difficult to answer calls and use the device. I'm hunting for a job, this phone is my life line. I was given a smartphone by someone for free (I have no money to get a new phone).

Via chat, Verizon refuses to activate it without a data plan, which is 100% more than what I pay now, and I never use data, text, anything but calls.

After being refused and escalating several times I close the chat and call tech support, who immediately offers to give me a free month of data while I get my job sorted out.

Awesome, why couldn't the senior manager offer this instead insisting over and over there is absolutely nothing he can do, no one he can escalate to and no options for me, even when I mention I may need to switch carriers.


Moving on, oh wait, the support rep can't seem to get it to activate, transfers me to someone who has to start the whole process over again, and can't get my phone to activate. They say they will call me right back, but never do.

30 more minutes on hold, disconnected when being transferred.

18 more minutes on hold, tell the person not to cold transfer me because I was disconnected previously. I was transferred (cold) without even finishing my sentence and disconnected immediately.

I would stay a verizon customer but they are smacking me in the face every step of the way while demanding I can stop the pain by paying more.

I considered calling them back, but decided it best to now walk down the street, cancel my service face to face and find another carrier, preferably an alternate carrier that isn't embroiled in not caring from the top down.

I wish people were willing to sacrifice their precious facebook data enough to boycott these companies who are robbing us blind. Small businesses that treat people like this go out of business, except liquor stores, and for the same reason.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: F29CEA

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