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08/13/14 | 22:23PM
Verizon scandalous experience.

I finally upgraded my internet to a higher speed. A week later my internet stopped working, i reseted the box and tested the phone line, seemed like everything was working fine but the modem stopped outputting internet. Finally i called and was placed on hold for 20 mins by a machine, someone picked up then hung up on me. I waited for a call back, but there was no response. So i redialed and did the same process for another good 30 mins. After the machine failed to help me, it finally connects me to a representative. I was transferred to a rep in Mexico. Oh dear god, just kill me. The representative was completely useless, he had a strong accent and no sense of coordination. It was a back and forth "excuse me, what?, can you repeat that?". He guided me to reseting my modem for another 20 goddamn minutes, thanks like the machine didn't already do a good job of sucking. I then asked him to send a support to the house to check on it. The next Verizon IT that could help me was 5 days from then. 5 days later a man shows up and started testing the cables. He said there was strong signal but he drove away to some box somewhere that he said will take a few mins, i waited and wait until i finally came back outside only to find that Verizon worker sitting on his phone texting or playing video games. I slammed my door and he got out with a poor excuse of, "oh I'm trying to call operator." Then, he comes in checks on modem says its broken, now this is the juicy part, he then tells me that i have to pay $50 for a replacement modem. I was furious and told him i wanted a free goddamn modem, due to no internet for almost a week, shitty service, and him taking his sweet ass time not doing sh*t. He hesitated and then told me he would give me the $50 modem for free, making up excuses that his boss counts modems and he will pretend that he didn't know where it went. My ass you go by the rules you were trying to scam $50 from me and after i said no, he knew he couldn't get anything else out of me. Beware of how scandalous Verizon is with their workers and services. When a tech comes to your
house he is prepared to fix your problems without cost because he is already getting paid. Im reporting this worker for trying to scam money out of me. Because his story did not match what he was telling me, i already knew he was sketched. Don't fall for their bullsh*t they target customers who don't know any better. And if they ask for cash say charge it on my bill and give me a receipt those lying piece
Of shits.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 4C26F0

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02/28/18 | 21:36PM
rated \'0\' for horrible grammar.
You should be ashamed of urselfz

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 45A890

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