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08/16/14 | 23:41PM
Unlimited nothing! Optimization everything!

After making it a point years ago to get an unlimited contract, verizon shows up rubbing their greedy fingers. Shortly after they took over from Alltel, where service was excellent, I start getting optimized. That's essentially removing the ability for your phone to function, for anyone unaware(restricting it's data/service). After repeatedly being told by Verizon tech support "optimization only slows opporating speeds, but should still be usable" it wasn't. When optimized I can't call, txt, receive, or access the Internet. Basically use my phone, which I pay $95 a month for service for, in any way. Verizon's solution for correcting the problem? Repeatedly having me spend three hours on line with tech support, trouble shooting everything that might be wrong with MY PHONE, nothing to do with what is wrong with their service providing. Repeatedly finding nothing wrong with my phone, which works great before optimization. Repeatedly refusing to look into their own network. And get me the service I pay for.

Verizon wireless customers - Verizon H8er ID: 2CAF9D

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