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08/25/14 | 20:55PM
Agent admits that Verizon slowed down my Service

People, you are not going to believe this. My internet slowed way down. You can see my hate posts for Verizon. Technical support is telling that the load is heavy between my office and the central office which only about 7500 feet - about 8 blocks. They say that the line is too busy here. They say that they would saturate the line if they allow me to use the highest speeds. So they the Verizon office, has slowed down the speed of my connection so that it will behave more consistently. Every time the Verizon repairman comes here he tells that my wires are old and in bad shape but that Verizon is not going to fix them. The sales person tries to tell me that FIOs is coming, but every time I talk to a local repairman in a truck - they tell me that FIOs is a dream and will never happen where I live. So, bottom line, Verizon does not want to invest in infrastructure and therefore they cannot deliver the speeds that they promise. It was so funny, I went on http://www.verizon.net/speedtest and it would not even respond. I then used Speedtest.net and immediately got 9.98. Now I try to use Speedtest.net again and it will not even work. So the people at Verizon are manipulating the speed of my port while they are talking to me and telling me that I am getting the speed that I pay for. Then they slow the speed down The Verizon representative even admitted it. I ‪#‎Verizon‬ Verizon California Verizon Wireless

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 5F9F36

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