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09/02/14 | 23:21PM
How Verizon Fucks Me:

I pay $254/month for 4 phones. I was an Alltel customer long before they were bought out by Verizon. My hatred for Verizon started a year after the takeover: I bought my kids phones for Christmas, told the salesperson exactly what phones, and when to activate them; only to end up with having completely different plans for those two phones, versus just an exchange on two existing plans, and a $600 bill the following month. Happy Fucking New Year, from Verizon! I do believe the salesperson intentionally made the error in order to pad her end of the year sales bonus; even though Verizon corrected the problem after a couple of hours of my time the following month.
A year ago my teenager had a problem with his iPhone, went into a Verizon Store to see what could be done about fixing it, and instead of getting it fixed or replaced by the insurance carrier, the Verizon Salesperson convinced him to just upgrade to a new iPodhone so that he could walk out of the store that day with, not only a working phone but, an upgraded device; the new plan associated with his upgrade eliminated his unlimited data plan and now I get emails two weeks into the billing cycle saying he's used 75% of his allowable data.
Last month I bought a new phone outright from Best Buy, since my year and a half old Verizon 4G LTE device all of a sudden developed an issue with the video, but did so in order not to lose my unlimited data plan. I purchased a $750 Samsung Galaxy S5, wow what a nice device, only problem is I never hardly ever get access to 4G LTE service since I live in a small town and Verizon has throttled back my access as a punishment for me still having an "Unlimited Data Plan"; you know, that 5% demographic still on unlimited data plans within the Verizon user base.
FUCK THEM! I should only be paying $125/month for their shitty service, or what I like to refer to as, " What did I ever do to you, Verizon, to deserve this abuse service-plan.
I also believe that Verizon intentionally infects phones to not work properly so that customers are forced to replace their recently non-performing device, with a new device, so that the company can screw them out of their unlimited data plan. Verizon is one of the more egregious of all American Corporations! Someone please bring them down a notch with a class action law suit for advertising what they fail to provide...

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 280CA8

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09/11/14 | 0:54AM
Wow! So it's Verizons fault your son chose to upgrade his phone and it's Verizons fault when he did so, what? You had no knowledge of this? I don't think your son can walk into any Verizon store and decide to shop phones or make changes to any phone plan unless he is an account holder or unless the account holder was with him. Not to mention, Verizon sends out a notice whenever there are ANY changes to your account even if NO CHARGES are incurred. As far as the 2 phones for your kids? Verizons fault again? For? It is your responsibility to aske the question, verify and be sure you know what you are getting, you are acting like a victim when the reality is you were not responsible enough to take care of your own business affairs.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 6CE4EB

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