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09/07/14 | 0:58AM

n June 06/ 2014 while driving in New York State and because I have too much problems with Tmobile I decided to switch to Verizon, so on the first store that I saw I stop park my car and got inside, and told them that I need to switch my phone to them on the prepaid plan, they didn't disclosure anything to me, like the prepaid phones are two years old, that if anything happen they will ignore the warranty, after I got my cell and the number transfer I drove upstate New York, after about a week I began having problems with the phone so I went to another store and they trouble shutter the phone, and still having the same problems like taking too long to connect, showing connection but completely silent, showing that is connected but I can not hear anything either the other party, is getting super hot, the battery is not holding well the charge and now, no matter how many times I press the bottom to call it doesn't, I went to another store and same history than the one before in Hackesstown, so I went to a corporate store in Rockaway Mall New Jersey and they did not want to do anything for me, but to live the phone for ten days or more to get another, and why I have to be without phone for that long period of time? Why not ship a new model to the store then call me and switch? If my car goes to the shop the dealer give me a loaner and why verizon can not ship a new one? I call the store from I got the phone and they place me on hold for about twenty minutes, so I hang up and dial for thirty minutes non stop and they did not pick up the phone or call me back, so this is the way verizon is doing business, taking my money and that's it. When I call the 1800 number this woman told me to buy a new phone, and today when I call Tonya she told me I have to be with out a phone for days, I know they will try to repair this piece of crop and send it back to me..Stay away from Verizon they do not care after they got your money you are worthless for them, also stay away from
Verizon Wireless at Diamond Wireless Cortland

Recently they call me that if I get a new phone they will help with half of the price, and I said NO, I want another phone that works and is not an old, so watch out for the misleading advertisement about prepaid service. This is the store who sold me this crop, up to this date August 23. 2014 I haven't received any calls from them even do a friend who works there forward my complaint to his supervisor and he was told that someone will contact me, please help me we must stop this companies for taking advantage of people.

861 NYS ROUTE 13
Cortland , NY 13045
(607) 753-6282
To this day I still have a piece of crap phone and they don't want to give me a new model

luis gonzalez - Verizon H8er ID: 17F0CD

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