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09/11/14 | 17:33PM
Verizon tries to cash large mistaken check and won't cancel efforts to do so.

I pay bills with epay. When I submitted my last Verizon bill payment I made a mistake with the decimal point and thought I had corrected it. A $174 bill received a mistaken check for $17,400+ Regardless of whether it was my error or on the part of the epay system, I kept calling Verizon for several days to get them to stop trying to cash the check. I paid my bill on the phone with my debit card.

Verizon kept telling me each time I called that it would take 48 hours to process my request. A $17,000+ credit kept showing up on my account and it was not getting removed. Verizon tried to cash my check last as of yesterday which is five business days since my original contact. Since I realized that Verizon was dragging their feet I cancelled my account and went to T-Mobile. I was no longer under contract with Verizon. This is when they tried to cash the check.

While on the telephone with Verizon today the customer service agent said that the credit could be removed today and that she could do it. She would need to speak with her supervisor. I was then placed on hold and the call was transferred to another customer service agent that said "welcome to Verizon, how may I help you?" That agent could not find a record of my account (but the earlier agent had no trouble). I have received no call from Verizon.

I went to my bank today and got all my overdraft charges removed and, thankfully, got a stop payment on the check.

I'd hate to think what would've happened had I been involved in an active contract. But now I guess I'll see if they try to cut me a check for $17,400. Oh, and that "credit" was reduced to $17,200+ because they both accepted my debit card payment on the phone and tried to remove it from that mistaken credit.

Verizon has no intention to try to change the situation and I expect they will try to bill me for something since I cancelled.

I've been a loyal Verizon customer since about 2003. I always thought their service was good but their ethical practices clearly raised its ugly head in this issue.


GaryInSanAntonio - Verizon H8er ID: FA5207

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Danielhot - Verizon H8er ID: EF4877

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