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09/12/14 | 19:54PM
No Email For You!

Verizon, deciding that all of the link-containing emails I was sending to multiple recipients for work were spam, has now completely blocked me from ever sending out any email that has a URL in it again.

The rep I called was entirely unhelpful, too, saying that a computer algorithm automatically blocked accounts. Nothing is even allowed to be touched by a real, live person. Flagged accounts aren't manually reviewed, and blocks can never, ever be lifted. It doesn't matter if no one's actually reported something as spam, or that the contents of a suspect e-mail are perfectly innocuous.

They did, however, point out that if I needed to send so much work email, that I should buy (hint hint) a business-grade email account. I work for a small company that doesn't have any kind of budget for that! Why is it legal for Verizon to discriminate against the email that people pay to send? Obviously, spam is a serious problem. But arbitrarily banning people from sending email and then not allowing a misapplied ban to be lifted? Ridiculous.

I cancelled the credit card they had on file and terminated my contract, switching back from a more local provider that Verizon had lured me away from. They want their early termination fees? Good luck.

Lowell McAdam, go fuck yourself. You're a pathetic waste of oxygen.

Fed Up - Verizon H8er ID: 4683CF

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09/13/14 | 1:48AM
A company that is IMO never flexible, never helpful, just directing us Minions to do what they want.

Jason Thomas - Verizon H8er ID: CF5197

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claudinemc69 - Verizon H8er ID: C3020B

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