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09/13/14 | 1:45AM
Verizon IMO ALWAYS Right Even When Wrong

Have you ever realized after years of dealing with Verizon, that no matter what the issue, Verizon is always right. They are just like, in my opinion, the bad Landlord, always taking and doing as they wish. Us Minions (that is what I call us customers) do what we are told always, because there is no other choice. The Troopers (what I call the workers) carry out Verizon policy since they have no choice. IMO Verizon would say that they do things the way that they do in order to be consistent.

One of my experiences: I have a company phone, many times the authorized representative has authorized me, for one day according to Verizon policy, to carry out a specific action. This I view as kind of a Power of Attorney for a Specific Event, which I can work with. Yesterday in anticipation of ordering my iPhone 6, I and our company's authorized Rep called Verizon. Verizon CSA said that she had noted that 1) I had been authorized to buy my phone accessories when they came available. 2) That I would have to call as I did not have online access to our company's Verizon portal. I tried to get through at 3:01 AM EST but after an hour wait could not. Tried again after 8 AM but still on hold, which I don't mind too much even though Verizon gives you no idea where you are in the phone cue. So, at 10:30 AM I went to the local Verizon company store where I was told "You are not authorized on this account. You can not order this phone. The company authorized person can order this phone only online or by coming to the store." Plus, "Verizon lost $3,000,000 last year to stolen iPhones" This by the store manager... "This is why you can not get a 24 hour authorization to do anything on the account any longer." "That policy has been canceled."

The point is not that I can't get the phone immediately, it is not that, our authorized person did order it but she has a job and not to be babysitting my iPhone purchases. My point is that Verizon did several things wrong here, they wasted a heap of my time, they dictated what I did and when but took no responsibility for screwing with me, there was no transcript of my phone call which is a my word against theirs thing, then they just dictate policy and show absolutely no flexibility.

I loath this dammed company.

Oh, also, their supposed customer appreciation points. They waste your time 'bidding' on never ending auctions and getting 10% discounts on gift cards (which I am sure they don't even pay for, they are advertising for the seller).

Jason Thomas "Jetson" - Verizon H8er ID: 6DFC1C

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