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09/14/14 | 17:08PM
ripping consumers off BAD!!!

I was with Verizon for along time. Paid all cell phone bills on time. Loyal customer. Went to local verizon store because of problems with phones. Broken button and lost phone. Guy tells me we can get you this new phone for 99$. Ok cool. Takes the defective one gives me new one. Well, didn't know I had to start new contract all over again. Had Internet with there equipment. Had it for a year. Decided to get rid of internet. So I still had to pay for another year.Guy says, I will drop it down to having a tablet so I only had to pay 10 a month. Now I have 3 telephone lines. Lost phone. Guy tells me, we can get you this awsome phone for free. Ok. Another new # and another 2 year contract. To make along story short. I ended up with 5 lines and only had 1 working phone service with them. Kept paying 300$phone bills for 1 phone. Called time after time, speaking with different representatives asking them to get my bill down as far as you can with only 1 line of service. I was just handing them over money for nothing.They made a mess of my account and most of them said they couldnot help me to lower past 200 plus dollars a month. six months went on and on and called again. Samething. I'm trying to fight to keep my credit great! Well, I think I am losing the battle with them! I also understand that I had a contract but asked over and over for them to work with me!!! Faust rated and tired of fighting, I told them to cancel all five lines. 1253.00 later. I was sending 20$ a month and they cashed check and still sent my account to collections before my due date in September 2014!! VERIZON SUCKS!!! With a dent in my credit rating now!! I hope and pray that Verizon goes DOWN!! Shame on you for rolling consumers over a barrel!!! I would use more choice words but this is public!I want a piece of your ass soooooo bad! If anybody knows a way I can get help with this matter, please help! Thank you! VERIZON GO F•°_K YOURSELF!

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 24E18F

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