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09/25/14 | 0:37AM
Verizon Scum Bags!!!

This company sucks! I have been with them (bundle customer) for 3plus years, before then I had their phone and net. service for 14yrs. But now....wow!!! Just got raped!!! They have been attempting to f..k us over for the last two of those three years by jacking up the price every three months. My guy would call and fight back. We got temporary relief, price stayed the same. Mind you, our service is pretty basic. Now the price went up to 150.00 (that's 25$ jump in 1month), my guy calls and this is the best thing they can do after two representatives and 1hr and 30min. later!!! Our service went up 15$ and we lost virtually all HD channels. Is there any one out there who calls HD channels non basic service? No HBO, No ShowTime, Basic phone, No DVR. Verizon Rape!!! WTF? do they think they have us all on the hook now? Now I am forced to think of other options...so i'll just do that.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: E3DB06

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