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09/29/14 | 19:01PM
What happened to Verizon's Integrity?

Wow. One bad experience after the next and I have been with Verizon for at least ten years - through different mobile #s and Fios accounts. First they mistakenly told my fiancé and I we did not have a FIOS enabled apartment. Only to find out our whole building uses them. Then they could not locate our address to send a tech guy out for days upon days and SEVENTEEN phone calls. Even though we had a FIOS BOX in the apartment. They would not and could not hook up service. Then, our tech guy never showed up or called, twice. Finally I wasted all of my time explaining this to someone who assured me he would look into it and call me Monday. He never called. I finally got over that kick in the face when now wireless decides to stab me in the back. For two months I have been going over my data out of nowhere. I never even came close to exceeding it in the past. I kept cutting down my use and cutting down my use yet it would say I was 50% through by like week1. It made no sense to me. I called only to be kept on hold, hung up on and finally went in the store. The guy there checked the WiFi and found that the toggle for Wi Fi is stuck off and broken and I cannot enable WiFi even if I wanted to. He assured me that if I called, they would replace the phone under Manufacturer warranty and take the overage charges off. They were after all, due to error on the phone. After two lovely and less than idiotic phone calls to Sierra, I get told, "Sorry you used the data, we can't refund you." WHAT?????? Are they serious? So this is a KNOWN thing that happens with the phone and yet, I am penalized for it while I sat there unknowingly using the data and trying to figure it out through calls and trips to the store. She actually told me I didn't take enough "preventative measures." It's only a matter of time before Sprint takes all of their customers. What an absolute scam this was and what a sad sad day for once good brand. I am disgusted by how deplorable their service is. For $90 they were willing to lose a ten year relationship. That's just something I can't respect.

Amanda - Verizon H8er ID: 94BF80

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10/02/14 | 2:52AM
Verizon has no integrity. They are thieves in the night.


VerizonSucks - Verizon H8er ID: 052770

12/10/14 | 17:39PM
your story although bumbled together and not really clear ,I read it twice and I agree verizon having strove from being the little guy while team moblie was #1 to becoming the top company with good honest service and customer satisfaction has corrupted itself (no doubt by changes in management high up)and now getting your money through the wrongest of ways -cheating,stealing &lieing -instead of the way they used to get it from people willing to pay for good services rendered , its very depressing learning that a once trusted company has fallen to enrons way of doing business -shame on you verizon

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 71DD3F

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