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10/08/14 | 0:31AM
Verizon so frustrating I got heart palpitations

Dealing with Verizon is so frustrating I get heart palpitations. My heart rate doubles. I have to go lie down and do yoga poses and pray I don't go into cardiac arrest. This is not an exaggeration. I almost called 911. When something goes wrong with phone/internet/email, I now put off dealing with it because I fear for my health. One time when i had to deal with Verizon I got routed all over the globe and was on the phone more than 4 hours . . . .with no resolution! I finally worked up courage yesterday to call about a new issue (email account says no messages for 3 weeks when I know there should be messages). I got hung up on three times. Deep breaths. I resorted to chat with someone from India I think. 45 minutes more and no resolution. He said he would bump the issue up to a level two team who would solve it in 24 hours. Today I get the call and I can barely understand the guy but finally get they have done zip and we are starting over from scratch. VERIZON SUCKS. God, how I loathe that company.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 084053

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12/06/14 | 4:40AM
if i could only explain my experience without getting anxiety and heart pumping i would...this is the most deceitful experience i have encountered. basically stole $160 in the 14 day trial because i couldnt get resolution because NO ONE could help..ended in disconnect, tranfers, different information from each department until i FINALLY realized it wasn't worth my stress..4 days of my life dedicated to resolving, going by the information i saw on line when i signed up..only to have it changed after i signed up..insane!! they know your number and recognize your sign in and calls when you're a customer...then thet get rid of you and keep your money and SHOW you where it says they can..even tho it wasn't there when you signed up!! company is evil.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: BF4464

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