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10/15/14 | 2:02AM
Verizon, the communication company, that can’t communicate.

Verizon, the communication company, that can’t communicate.
The Phone sat in a desk for months never turned on. Yet, I get over usage notices from Verizon and a 300.00 bill. How is it possible? Service is off!
Had my service been turned on and I was using the phone I would have believed that maybe I did over use my minutes or data. This is how we get scammed. What a HOAX.
It started when I went to pay my bill over the phone with my Canadian credit card and no one could accept my payment over the phone because I do not have a zip code. In Canada we have postal codes with letters in it. A global company can’t accept a Canadian credit card?
Seven, (7) times I attempted to pay my cell bill by calling customer service. Hours over the phone with customer service to get my bill paid. They could not take my payment.
Then my service got cut off for non-payment and I told the customer service person DO NOT TURN IT ON AGAIN I WILL SEND A CHECK. I cannot pay you using my credit card. Keep phone service. I will turn it on again when I get back to the states.
I sent the check with: Please note: I CANNOT PAY YOU … DO NOT TURN ON this phone.
The next month an E-mail “over usage notice” that I paid no attention to until the next month, another notice of my data/ over usage.
I went to a Verizon shop in the USA, as calling customer service was fruitless. Not one person could help reverse this charge. I explained: I have no plan! I can turn service on and off as I needed. I do not owe I TRIED TO PAY YOU COULD NOT ACCEPT MY CARD…..$300.00 you made the error so remove the fee.
Then it became my fault.
You must have downloaded too many movies or music said Verizon customer service.
I am a 60-year-old woman who has no idea of how to download movies on a phone.
You should have checked your bill online and you would have known about the phone being turned on.
Why should I check for a bill when the service was turned off?
No matter what…the customer is always wrong. I have banned all cell phones. There are so many other ways to communicate. You can’t communicate with Verizon, the customer is always wrong as they can not communicate.

ruthanne patterson - Verizon H8er ID: 83A0B1

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