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10/20/14 | 22:26PM
Verizon Rep Scam Artists

I originally purchased a pre-boxed, sealed Verizon little cheap flip-phone at Target. Much to my surprise, the only pictures available to use as a wallpaper, were all pornography! So, I take it to my local Verizon Wireless super-tech store in Pennsylvania. They tell me that they have never seen anything like this and will happily set me up with a new flip phone and convenient two year plan with the SAME TYPE OF PHONE. When they show me their cheap version of the flimsy, "toy" phone that will only cost a dollar, I tell them that I prefer to get the better quality phone and pay the extra money.

"Zack, the Verizon Rep" tells me, "Oh, why not take it home and try it out, and see if you like it...you have fourteen days to bring it back and exchange it for the better phone and by the way, we'll also give you a wireless home router for FREE!" So, while they are still doing up the paperwork, I actually changed my mind.
God Forbid! I politely went over to Zack and told him that I really don't want a wireless router in my home. He again said, "Why don't you just take it home and try it out, you have fourteen days to return it!" It's free!

So, I leave the store with the two new devices. Take them home, never open the boxes and decide LESS THAN 24 HOURS LATER, that I don't want either of these items. I take them back to Zack, who now tells me that there will be a $35.00 re-stock fee on each item! WHAT? HE NEVER TOLD ME THIS TEENY-TINY FACT. When I told him that he never told me this, he said, "Well, it was on your contract!" But, guess what, fellow-Verizon haters, HE NEVER GAVE ME A COPY OF THE CONTRACT the day before. Then he said, "Well, you signed on the little touch screen device, when we sold it to you." HOWEVER, the screen, only had one sentence on it, which said, "I agree to pay the monthly service plan price of $55.00 a month.

When I asked him if I should "scroll up" on the screen to see if there was anything else I should know about and be aware of, he, of course, said "No, that's all there is." What a liar!

So, when I tried to return these brand new items, without the $70.00 re-stock fee, and said, very loudly, that I want to CANCEL everything to do with Verizon, they threatened to call the Police if I would not leave the "friendly" shiny store.

After approximately 2 hours and 10 minutes on hold, trying to call Customer Service, they tell me that I am no longer allowed in any future Verizon stores?? WHAT??? I am a professional young woman, who is very tech savy, understands how cell phone contracts work, own and daily use an I-Pad and I'm great with a computer. I did not threaten anyone at any time and only said that I wanted to CANCEL.

I now have complaints filed with the Public Service Commission, Better Business Bureau and a local attorney's office for defamation of character. DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH ANY VERIZON PRODUCT, ANYWHERE!

Since telling this story, I have heard NUMEROUS complaints about how this company lies to its customers. WOW! WE MUST NOT STAND FOR THIS TERRIBLE TREATMENT OF AVERAGE, EVERY DAY CUSTOMERS. SHAME ON THEM!I finally paid the $70.00 fees just to get Verizon out of my life, once and for all, and they now tell me that I may still receive "partial" bills, FOR SERVICES THAT I HAVE NEVER USED!

Thank you so much for this website. I finally feel a little better knowing that I'm not the only unknowing customer scammed by Verizon.


Kris - Verizon H8er ID: 10369A

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02/27/19 | 2:27AM
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melvinlv3 - Verizon H8er ID: B897E6

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