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10/21/14 | 2:02AM
I can't standverizin

We 300 a month for bullshit! Their insurance sucks! They are always tring to talk down to you about there phones and a fuckin new one comes out every wk you can't keep up with the technology. ..

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: F572F4

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10/23/14 | 3:13AM
At first I thought, oh well a typo. "We 300"???? Is this the movie there Sparta??? Then I saw that " their" was spelled correctly and in the right context but then WHAM....everything else was wrong and even though you JUST used "their" correctly, you fucked it up not 5 seconds later. You inbred moron. It just got better when you blamed Verizon for the advancement of technology. Let me guess, you think Al Gore invented the internet also. God it is an at atrocity that people this stupid are somehow graduating from schools. There, (correct way to use that version), ought to be a law that you have to take a test before you can get on the internet.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 7FAC0D

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