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10/22/14 | 18:25PM
Take your medicine like a good boy...

Unreal. Cancelled internet service in mid June, mailed back equipment as instructed (kept receipt from USP as proof), and paid, what I thought was, my final bill in July. Over the next 2 months Verizon kept sending me notices that I still owed them money for the damn equipment. I called repeatedly and told them I mailed back their stupid equipment and the reps I spoke to assured me it was fine, that I would getting credited, that the bill was to be ignored and that I should actually be expecting a refund for services paid for after my disconnect date. Fast forward to last night, we get a letter from a collection agency looking for the money for the equipment. Kill Me!!! On the phone with piss poor and obviously indifferent cust service reps for close to 4 hours today only to find out that they have actually had the equipment for over 3 months!!! Still, I got the same response, "pending approval from a supervisor, your balance will be brought to zero and a refund will be issued in 1-2 billing cycles." December?!?!? 6 months after the fact!!! I'm not holding my breath for the zero balance, them to call of the collection company, or the refund. My credit is outstanding. So sad that incompetent, heartless, money hungry fucks can get away with what ever the hell they want. The zombie-like cust service reps are just programmed to frustrate you until you give up. Wish there was a something I could do. All the time and frustration.

A profound hatred - Verizon H8er ID: 6C317E

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