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10/27/14 | 11:58AM
Extortion and Lies

First off, I drove for Uber, the ride-share company for almost two months, so I know corporate greed and lies all too well.

In, I believe it was June of 2013 I paid my VerizonWireless phone bill via my online banking account as I always do. My bill was well over $200.00/month for three lines. The only problem was, I had accidentally paid approximately $8.00 less than the actual amount.

I don't remember if I got a notice saying I had a balance due, or I just happen to catch it, but I immediately called Verizon. After wading through their computer bullshit, there was option to have the small balance taken from my checking account, which I did. It was scheduled to come out the next Friday, like three days later.

The next day I woke up and had no phone service. I called VerizonWireless, and the service was immediately turned back on.

On my next bill I had a $45 charge (actually (3) $15 charges) for turning the lines back on! I called Verizon, and of course, they said they had no record of me setting up the auto-deduction from my checking account. Even though that's how the balance was paid.

I asked to speak to a supervisor, and when I did, she admitted that they indeed did see that they knew I had setup the auto-payment. How could they keep trying to lie about it?

The kicker to all this - she said because of the situation, she would be able to deduct HALF of the $45 charge! HALF! I was forced to pay it too.

VERIZON SUCKS! (It gets better (worse))

As my contract was nearing termination, I cantacted VerizonWireless, it was about July/August 2014 to see if they had any special promotions on phones plans, etc. I hadn't been ripped-off quite bad enough by Verizon, and had to get me some more of that.

My two daughters were wanting iPhones, instead of their Androids, for some crazy reason, and the rep. said I qualified for the iPhone 5c, $50 promotion, and asked if I wanted them shipped out, or if I wanted to pick them up in a store. I said I would pick them up, so I could get them to my daughters faster. Long story short, I get to the store, they said there was no iPhone 5c promotion, they had never heard of it, not could they offer me anything! I had already told me daughters they were getting new phones. It broke their hearts, and I couldn't afford the $199.00 or whatever it was to upgrade them. At first Verizon corporate denied having ever told me about the promotion, but finally said they did have it, but all the iPhone 5 c's had been sold. When I said I knew for a fact that the store I was in had 5 c's, they called and verified it, but after having me on hold many times, came up with the story that those weren't 'the same' 5 c's that were part of the promotion.

'F' Verizon! They're still not as bad as Uber in terms of greed and lies, but their a close second!!

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 36156C

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