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11/03/14 | 22:40PM
Customer Noservice

So my trip into Verizon hell began when my Droid Razor Maxx quit charging. I took it to the local (Corporate Owned) store and discussed the problem with the first available rep. I had a neighbors old Droid that they had just upgraded from and wanted to switch it over for the last couple of months of my contract until I could get a new phone
So "scooter" tells me that the contacts are broken off in the charger plug hole. He suggests to me that I allow him to put a warranty on the phone and let him then file a claim for a free replacement. "Scooter" then takes the phone to the manager who is hiding somewhere in the back. "Scooter" assures me that the manager says the phone will be replaced. So I follow this path with the intent of not being responsible for my neighbor's old phone since I can just have mine replaced. All good, right? WRONG!!!
The replacement phone shows up in the mail the next day and I mail my phone back the following morning from the post office, in the same box. The Bluetooth on the replacement phone doesn't work and I figure that I will need to go back to the store.
Next I get an email from Verizon, telling me my phone wasn't covered, wasn't being returned and I would be charged $299. Can't get the attached picture link to work mysteriously. So I make time to go to the store. I talk to a different rep because "Scooter" isn't there. I tell the whole story to date. He emails himself the Verizon "sorry you loose" email to himself and mysteriously, the picture link works now. Picture is of a phone that is scratched and abused with the HDMI port corroded green to the point that nothing could be plugged in. I tell hi it is not my phone and he goes to see the manager. They offer me a $150 credit towards the partially working phone for my trouble. Obviously I refuse to settle for that and he tells me that I have to contact Verizon customer service and that they cant do anything more for me at the store.
So I call customer no service and tell the whole story again and get the run around from the nice but un caring woman there. She then routes me to a supervisor. I think that they call these creeps supervisors because they have been given special training to give customers the run around. So after he completes all his maneuvers, I am then told that I need to go to my local store because they can't and won't override the store manager's decisions.
So back to the store again to speak with another "manager" who proceeds to give me even more run around and then the same offer as manager #!. Plus, she informs me that Verizon is real strict about this and they aren't supposed to give any credit at all. I try to negotiate a higher credit and then she tell me that they are capped at $150. Yep, that's right, the credits that they are not supposed to give are capped at $150. She also mentions that she has had to deal with some other instances of this originating from "Scooter". Out of the kindness of her heart, she does offer to send the replacement phone back for me so that I can have one with Bluetooth/. Guess I forgot to take off my "I'm a F*@king Idiot" hat before I went into the store, my bad.
So I am now contemplating whether to try to contact someone in upper management who cares, file a complaint with the public services commission or take them to small claims court.

Feeling Violated - Verizon H8er ID: 3AF44A

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