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11/07/14 | 21:39PM
Worst customer service and experience ever. I will never ever go back to verizon

Wow, ok this is going to be a novel. 2 years ago I went into GoWireless Inc. in Agoura Hills Ca. I often frequent these stores just to browse. The salesman (wearing a Verizon shirt, representing Verizon) there asked about my account and said that he would like to look at my account because there are new Verizon plans out there that may save me money. Of course I obliged wanted to save money and maybe get a new phone. The salesman comes back to me and says that there is great news, I am on an old plan and if I want to upgrade to a new plan, he will add a line (going from 2 lines to 3). Since my plan is so old, with the new plan, there will be no extra charges or fees. We did not want or need a 3rd line but he sold me when he said that I could have an upgrade every year since my renewals would be on opposite years. He reconfirmed with me that there will be no extra charges or fees. It sounded like a win win, he gets his commission which expressed numerous times and I get my upgrade yearly. That is the point he flat out lied to my face. He set my bill up as requested on auto pay and it took me many months to realize that I was paying an additional $40 every month for this 3rd line that I am not using. I went back to the store and spoke with the manager who told me that I should have read the contract more carefully. Who actually reads those in full anyway? We all know, nobody does. I have spend the last year back and forth with Verizon trying to explain to them that I was flat out lied to about the fees and that I would have never obliged to change my plan had he informed there was fees. That line which is scheduled to expire at the end of this month has had ZERO data or minutes used. I was accused by more than one Verizon employee that I did this purposely to get the upgraded phone to which I have proved them wrong by explaining the financials. I had to pay $299 for a phone plus $40/monthly for 24 months. Add that up and you get $1259.00. I could have easily paid for the phone in cash for $699 and saved myself $600. Why would I or any sane person agree to pay several hundred dollars more for a phone and line that I had no intentions of using? I wasted $960 in monthly fees for the past 2 years that I did not agree to, was never told about, nor did I want. Every time II call customer service at Verizon they tell me that they are not responsible for what 3rd party people representing Verizon does. The outside of the store said Verizon, the salesman's shirt said Verizon, he sold me Verizon, as the consumer, I DEALT with Verizon. On Sunday 11/2/14 I spoke with a customer service rep who promised me a refund and that he was going to make everything right since I was so clearly taken advantage of. I was promised a call back from him, and I never got it. Another let down and disappointment by Verizon customer service. I was then"done a favor" by a rude customer service "manager" by giving me a $80 credit. $80 off a $960 fraudulent case is an insult. I am the perfect Verizon customer. I have never paid a bill late, I spend a lot of money and I never complain about anything such as dropped calls. I have called and complained many times about this and only this. Lastly when speaking with the customer service "manager" I asked him to try and keep me as a customer because he was losing my business fast, his response..."We did not do anything wrong, we are giving you an $80 credit, that is more than earning your business back. We did not have to even give you $80. I can go on but as you can see, this is an ongoing joke for almost 2 years. You can look up my account, there should be plenty of notes.

Danny B. - Verizon H8er ID: B1B910

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11/30/14 | 19:35PM
Don't trust ver. They will not help you. Good luck

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: B51190

12/02/14 | 14:12PM
Verizon fuckin sucks don't trust them

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: B51190

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