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12/02/14 | 18:08PM
Mental State

If you all are anything like me, you would run from Verizon. All this calling back and forth, screaming and cursing matches will get you so angry to the point you think thoughts you have never thought before. The best thing to do is walk away. Even if you have to allow it to hit your credit. Credit can be repaired.... but you walking around having to almost see a counselor because they taking all your money, is something you cannot get back.

Look at it this way, I pay them $650 for my termination fee...but if you look over the course of a year, if your bill is running you about $180 a month, that's $2,160 you've paid in a year. So the $650 sounds a lot better to me than that $2,160.

Another mistake we make is getting our kids on our lines...although I do not have kids, whats wrong with them having a prepaid phone until they are able to pay termination fees if you decide you want to leave. I see and hear people say, I have 4 people on my line. Most of the time its the husband, wife, 16 year old son or daughter and a 14 year old (generalizations here, trying to make a point). So why do those 2 need a contract phone?? Verizon kicking our ass in these high bills and high termination fees, so we need to get smart about it.

These rants won't hurt Verizon but your money will. I told the rep the other day, I don't want to hear shit you have to say, run my credit card & make sure I get my last bill. She was speechless. They use to having customers beg them and scream at them. Nope, not me...cancelled both lines with a bill of 1,076 (cancellation fees and last bill). Rather that than a year bill of $2500. I hit them where it hurts, cancel out my service. I have no time for the back & forth banter. It's pointless. The rep was like, Mrs. S, your termination fees are blah, blah, blah...I said so what, lets do the math here. My final bill will be $0, they will be out of my life for good & I am thankful.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: C7C3E7

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04/21/19 | 9:44AM
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angiedw1 - Verizon H8er ID: 3B1CA7

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