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12/04/14 | 16:53PM
ripped off for return box charge

My wife and I are still hoping to resolve this, but she has spent several hours (NO EXAGGERATION) being bounced from rep to rep, with nothing. Some ACT like your question will be resolved to satisfaction, others are rude, etc. Here's the scoop:

We have been loyal Verizon customer for years. When we moved, we had a service re-located to the new address. When the cable guy showed up to connect us at the new place, my wife showed him the old boxes. He said, "Oh, they don't use those models anymore. You can just keep them." So, to avoid clutter, she threw them out. Then, they billed us for the boxes, 1,200 dollars!! She has called and explained what she was told, but either got transferred, told they would look into it (they called back and left a message the Friday after Thanksgiving, but have returned none of her follow up calls in the week since), or been mocked for thinking it was okay to throw away the boxes. No one has ever indicated whether they believe, or even care, what the cable guy said (and he himself was extremely pleasant, even if he gave false information--we are afraid that he might get canned and we stll have to pay!) They refuse to keep a record of my wife's conversations, and every time she talks to a new person , they claim to have NO RECORD of her past conversations apart from "customer disputes bill."

Our service is now cut off--no home phone (thank goodness our cells ar enot Verizon), no TV, no internet. This has been dragging on for weeks. They are being incredibly opaque, disparaging, unhelpful, and in the end, not standing by their service and their product. We hope this will still pan out, but we are not holding our breath.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: D4A567

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05/02/19 | 20:34PM
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lorrielo4 - Verizon H8er ID: 4A6BED

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