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12/10/14 | 3:03AM
$10 rip off turns into $35 nightmare

My 14 year old son needed an emergency cell phone to take on away meets with his Jr High wrestling team. So I spent $60 at Walmart buying a nice LG prepaid Verizon phone and $35 for a 500 minute/unlimited text/500mb prepaid card. I went to activate the phone and it forced me to a $45 a month plan. So I tried calling customer service...cannot get anyone as the phone is not activated and I don't have a phone number. Chatted online and the rep couldn't help but gave me a phone number for a live person. Verizon claims a smartphone uses a different data service than a basic phone so I HAD to take the $45 a month plan. They claim the 500mb on the card is different data then the $45 card. As if the network can tell and care if the data is going to a flip phone, smart phone, tablet or laptop. Then they proceeded to tell me the $35 card is not only no good but non-refundable. They wouldn't even credit the $35 to my traditional account with them (5 phones $260 a month plan!!)Basically they said too bad give us $45 a month if you want your son to have that phone or go get him a flip phone to use the $35 card. They tried this when I upgraded to a Blackberry 6 years ago and they wanted to charge $10 more as my Blackberry would "use too much data" for my plan. I forwarded my Microsoft email to Google, kept the same plan, saved $10 a month and never went over the plan amount. Verizon does NOT care about customer satisfaction, loyalty or anything other than any trumped up BS they come up with to make the almighty dollar. I am going tomorrow to switch my 5 traditional plan cell phones to AT&T.

Don O. - Verizon H8er ID: DC5F31

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04/11/19 | 2:30AM
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Jeacarp - Verizon H8er ID: B2C203

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