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12/16/14 | 21:35PM
Verizon blocks transfer to Sprint

First of all Verizon store "hides" the iPhone 4 to 5s upgrade under my second iPad line in Mar 2014 and then blocks the transfer of both my lines from Verizon to Sprint on Oct 19, 2014. After several hours of unsuccessful attempts to get Verizon to release both lines, the Sprint store manager was only able to release the iPhone line. The iPad line continued getting charged and when I called into customer service at 11:45am on Dec 3rd, a Verizon customer service representative called Ms.Shaniqua threw the curve ball that since the upgrade was done on the iPad line, there was nothing i could do and I had to go back to Sprint and re try moving the line over. A second attempt also took two tries and several hours before Sprint was able to move the second line over. In the meantime, the meter kept ticking on the second line that I never used and Verizon promptly slapped me with a $132 charge for a line that was never used. Calling into Verizon customer service again on 12/16, this time a customer service rep called Ms.Fern continued to stonewall and deny that Verizon blocked the transfer.

She refused to credit and refund the $132 charges on the account and it appears that entire customer service staff at Verizon have been trained to make it really hard on subscribers moving over to Sprint. Can we talk class action lawsuit here ?

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 3A83A8

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12/16/14 | 23:32PM
When I go over to other carriers, I leave my phone and everything else over. I will sell my products on Ebay or Amazon before I deal with the mental strain of that crap. Sorry you had to go through that. I would just tell Sprint to pay the early termination fee and see what phones/tablets are available on their line. Last time I left Verizon, they were like, "are you going to port your number to the new carrier?" I told them, "hell no," you can keep that crap along with your equipment. I am starting over. I do not want to see a phone with that red "Nike" symbol. lol...

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 229D90

02/27/19 | 18:14PM
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tylerpl1 - Verizon H8er ID: 2DA668

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